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Collapse Your Small Group Health Plan 2022

Start Saving Money Now

Do You Offer Health Insurance to Your Employees?
Did You Get a Rate Increase for 2022 or a rate decrease?
Small Group Insurance is expensive for both the employer and the employee...So start saving money immediately or provide additional benefits to attract or  retain existing  employees over your competitors, while lowering your current monthly outlay.  How to do this?
This is GOOD for both the employer and the employee.  It get's the employer out of the health insurance business.  It saves both parties money.  This will allow  the employer to offer more benefits to attract new and better employees.
This is no joke, as this is based upon new government laws and programs available NOW!
Collapsing the Company Small Group Plan will get the employer out of the insurance business, give the employee a raise and provide more coverage options.  These plans are 100% portable and will save the employer 1000's/month.
So the PLAN is clear.   Save money, increase benefits, drop administrations costs and fees, open up more coverage options and opportunity for additional benefits to keep your small business thriving.  
This is intended for small group plans under 50 employees and employees income levels under 50,000 per year.  Applies in all states.
Based upon America Rescue Plan and enrollment benefits and guidelines. 2022.

Document with Pen
Signing Contract
Insurance Agent
Father & Son
Happy Elderly Couple.
Collapse Your Small Group Health Insurance Plan NOW: Text
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